BabyHope version 2.5

Dear sweet girl,

You are two and a half today.  You’ve always been an “early” talker, but in the past couple of months, your language has exploded.  We have entire conversations about anything from swimming to where Daddy works and why we can’t see him right now. You are beginning to understand time – but everything is “tomorrow” if it’s not right now.

You are still on the shy side, but when you are comfortable with people and situations, you literally never stop talking.  You’ll wave at strangers at the store, and you will attempt to order your food at restaurants.

You pretend all sorts of things these days – you change the “diapers” of anything from crayons to dolls and put them to sleep as well.  You pretend to cook and eat.  You make up songs about anything and will sing them loudly in public.  You still love the Beatles, but you also like Phoenix, Muse, and Vampire Weekend.  And the jingles to commercials on the radio.

We went to the coast for the 4th of July and you loved it.  You loved the water, even though you were knocked down by waves, and every morning when you woke up you asked to go swimming again.  You thought the fireworks were all for you – you have asked several times about doing them again, and going back to “the other house” (the cabin where we stayed) so we can swim and see them again.

You still love books.  You can memorize an entire book quickly, and you like to “read” them independently or to us.  You can read words that are familiar to you, and you can pick words you know out from signs and logos while we are out.  You read “pizza” on a menu the other day and it took a lot of convincing to get you to order something else (we were pretty sure you weren’t going to like it).  You can read color words, lots of animal and food names, and some verbs.

You love helping me with our garden.  Mostly, you like to pick the tomatoes.  The other day, you picked 6 of them, but you’d eaten them all by the time we got inside.  Despite being skinny and tall, you are a good eater.  You love fruits and vegetables, and you definitely have Mommy’s sweet tooth.

Most mornings we try to get out and run errands or go to the playground.  The afternoons are so hot that we often stay in, but I try to take you swimming at least twice a week.  I also got a plastic pool for the backyard for days where going to the pool just isn’t feasible.

You like to stand on “your” step stool while I cook.  Baking is the most fun because you get to help measure and pour ingredients.  You often get bored with cooking – you can’t do much while I’m chopping or using the stove.

You are so, so sweet.  You hug and kiss me and Daddy, and you say “I love you” spontaneously.  You’re concerned if we get hurt.  You run to the door when Daddy gets home from work.  You like it when Daddy and I run together with you in the stroller in the mornings.

You sleep in your big girl bed with an army of stuffed animals, books, dolls, and toys.  You gave up your pacifier about 6 weeks ago.  We haven’t started potty training yet, though we talk about it a lot.  I don’t think you are quite ready yet, but I think you are getting closer.

We are definitely in the middle of the “terrible twos”.  Most of the time, you are happy and we can persuade you to do what we need you to do, but sometimes, you will lie on the floor and scream.  Anywhere.  About anything.  Sometimes we can figure out what to do, but sometimes we just have to let you scream.

You are 36.5 inches tall, and you weigh 25.5 pounds.  Tall and skinny.  Your hair still curls in ringlets, especially when it’s humid.  It’s light brown or dark blonde – it got a little lighter after our beach trip.  You seem to have gotten Daddy’s darker skin instead of Mommy’s freckles.  Your eyes are so hard to describe – they aren’t blue anymore, but there’s still blue in them, along with green, gray, and brown.

You are the light of our lives.  I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months brings.



~ by Larisa on July 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “BabyHope version 2.5”

  1. I loved this. It sounds like you have an amazing daughter. It just made me happy to read.

  2. What a bright little girl! Beautiful post, parts I recognize immediately, parts are still to come for Linnea.

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