optimism: it’s for the birds


That’s the universe cackling at my naivete.  While I hadn’t made any presumptions about whether or not this cycle would work, I had (foolishly) assumed that someone else’s lining would cooperate better than mine.


I was wrong.  Perhaps the change in protocol will work over the next week.  But wait – this is my life we’re talking about.


Another week of estrogen and another lining check.  Sounds awfully, awfully familiar.

***and to the dear, dear friend whose lining wasn’t ready: it’s not your fault.  it will be okay.***

~ by Larisa on August 13, 2010.

9 Responses to “optimism: it’s for the birds”

  1. Oh no! I am hoping that the lining thickens up at the next check. My thoughts are with you.

  2. OH. MY. GOSH!!! Can you NOT catch a break? For the love. Not ANYONE’s fault! Here’s hoping that the change in protocol brings about a better report next week.

  3. Geez FREAKIN’ Louise.
    I’m sorry about another hurdle. I’m hoping next week’s check she clears it with mms to spare!

  4. Apparently you were one week shy on the whole waiting thing. I can imagine you are at the end of your rope with the whole “patience is a virtue”–lots of virtue stored up on your part. Good luck to your friend for lining check 2!

  5. Hoping it will turn out okay!! I just discovered I have a small “lining” issue as well as I barely failed my mock FET cycle earlier this week. So I sympathize totally!

  6. Dear Friend of Mrs. Hope,

    It will be ok. No matter what! What we veterans know, is that it is out of our control. God bless you, truly, for what you are doing!!

    Mrs. Hope,

    Hang in there. We’ve been here before. And it has worked before. All love is being sent your way!

  7. Seen it all before, and still it feels like walking into that glass door you hadn’t noticed.

  8. Crap. What is it with those damn linings? I’m hoping so much for some nice thickening with the tweaks in protocol.

  9. The more I am in medicine, the more I think we haven’t a clue at all what we’re doing. It really is such an art and *so frustrating* to try to predict, control, anticipate, KNOW. Sending you & your friend all the positive juju out there that everything aligns and magically works out!

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