Transfer 10

Introducing embryos 18 and 19.

Transfer in a few minutes, and then the last wait begins.

Oh please oh please let it be a worthwhile wait.

Updated to add: By the time we actually got to transfer, both blasts had completely re-expanded (so they both looked like the top picture) with pretty inner cell masses and all.  AND – get this – despite the fact that progesterone is supposed to “compact” your lining, my doctor noted how “plush” it looked and measured it at a fantastic 9.7 mm.  Seems to be a pattern with me – it’s happened before, but not to this degree.  Now the hope really takes over…Oh – and sorry for the cell-phone pics – was trying to conceal our names.  🙂

~ by Larisa on November 3, 2010.

19 Responses to “Transfer 10”

  1. Good luck! I hope your wait lasts about 9 months before you see one or two of these beauties again.

  2. Stick #18 and #19!!!!!

    I’m thinking of you and hoping so hard. I can’t even imagine what you have going on emotionally right now. Seriously, I can’t imagine anyone else who just deserves this more then you.

  3. Larisa, Wish you all the very best and I sincerely hope this works for you. Hugs and lots of positive vibes and prayers.


  4. I have everything crossed for you!

  5. They’re beautiful. Hoping alongside you!

  6. I am saying prayers to my catholic God for you, 19 is a boy, 18 a girl, all the way to 38 weeks!

  7. Lots of good, good thoughts!

  8. I’m on a lyrics kick apparently, so I’ll just post a few lines by Mumford and Sons that have been humming through my mind for you these past few days:
    “Now let me at the truth
    which will refresh my broken mind…
    Cause I need freedom now
    and I need to know how
    to live my life as it’s meant to be
    and I will hold on hope…”

    And so will I. Tight as ever.

  9. Thinking of you!!!

  10. They are beautiful!! Sending lots of good vibes. Kristina

  11. Beautiful blasts! Good luck xxx

  12. I have been thinking of you and wondering how it went. Fingers crossed, crossed, crossed.

    And fantastic news about your lining. YAY.


  13. i don’t have the right words. i hope so big for you.

  14. Hoping and praying for you.

  15. I am so hopeful!!! Praying that this sticks!

  16. Go, go, go, go, go, go, please, please, please, please, please. C’mon, tiny babies! Go, stick, please.

  17. Hoping and praying along with you!

  18. They’re beautiful blasts! And what an amazing lining! Sending lots of good sticky vibes your way!

  19. Well, I’d be all hopeful, too, with those two awesome blasts and the super plush lining. (I’ve had the same thing happen with my lining, too. Must be a thing with us crappy lining gals.)

    I will be hoping right along with you!

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