on a lighter note…

BabyHope got a birthday party invitation this week.  Which restarted the fire kindled by the double birthday parties we attended a few weeks ago.  Time is so ethereal a concept.

We’ve had lots of conversations about Thanksgiving, and now Christmas, will happen before her birthday.  But her response today was, “My birthday will be next.”  I gently explained that we still have some time – nearly forever in her world – before her birthday.

I’d even briefly thought about not having a party-party – just a few of her friends.

Then she said, “And I will have chocolate cake with candles.  And we have to say ‘happy birthday’ before we eat the cake.  And I will have a hat like E___.  Remember it was so fun?”

Immediately followed by, “It will be a castle cake.  And I will wear a beeeaaauuuutiful dress and I will dance like a princess.”

I booked the ballet studio for her party moments later.

Chocolate castle cakes, party hats, and beautiful dresses, here we come.


~ by Larisa on December 2, 2010.

5 Responses to “on a lighter note…”

  1. I love when they grasp the concepts of birthday parties and would have done the same thing you did! 🙂

  2. So sweet. A has been talking about her next birthday even before this past one was over.

  3. I love how they love their birthday. And all the planning that goes into it, starting the moment their party is over. Can’t imagine what that feeling is like- where it’s not impossible for all your wishes (even if it is just a chocolate castle cake) to come true.

  4. Sounds like it will be a great party!
    Linnea has been hard to convince that her birthday only comes once a year – not once a week. Though ‘year’ and ‘week’ of course don’t mean much to her.

  5. I love how at this age they are really getting into the whole birthday party thing. M thinks that everyone’s birthday is his birthday right now.

    I think her party sounds wonderful and hopefully will provide a little distraction for you.

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