BAKED: Sweet and salty brownies!

Ugh!  I can’t believe I didn’t post!  I made these brownies a week ago, to rave reviews.  I was a little worried about the salt – it seemed like a lot sprinkled on top of the brownies, but it was fantastic!  The salty caramel is fantastic, and the leftovers are great topping some vanilla ice cream.

I don’t have many pictures, either – I baked them and brought them to a friend’s house, where they were quickly devoured.  So you’ll have to bear my blurry pre-baked pictures!

ooey gooey


So I loved these.  My only complaint?  That I didn’t get a distinct layer of caramel between the two layers of brownie.  I will definitely make them again, and they are on my short list as I’m debating what to bake to give away as gifts this year.

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~ by Larisa on December 6, 2010.

5 Responses to “BAKED: Sweet and salty brownies!”

  1. I understand the totally devoured comment-these are very dangerous to have around the house-better to give them away to unsuspecting friends-I sent them to work with my husband-let his office work out on the treadmill !

  2. I totally thought that there would be a solid layer of caramel … so it was a little shock – but the fudgy, gooeyness of the brownie totally redeemed itself!

  3. omg, they look amazing! do you have a link to the recipe?

  4. You’re right about the caramel. To the outside observer, these don’t seem like they have a caramel layer at first glance. I do like how that caramel becomes one with the brownie, though, making it even more gooey and decadent!

  5. I’m sure that anyone receiving these as a gift would be absolutely thrilled! Yum!!

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