random rambling

Honestly, it’s been a pretty crappy week.

Since the last post, BabyHope had a cold that turned into an ear infection.  Her fever went away.  We celebrated my 34th birthday.  Mr. Hope got a sinus infection.  I’m fighting a sore throat.  And BabyHope spiked another fever yesterday and the the chest x-ray today indicated she’s got pneumonia.  It’s “mild” case I think, but it’s still pneumonia and requires 10 more days of antibiotics and another doctor’s visit to make sure her lungs are clear.

Sleep has been elusive with all the sickies about.  I’m exhausted.

I actually “signed up” to do a little work, then all this happened, so now I’m behind on the work!  I’m trying to catch up now, but the report I need to write is a toughie.  I’m going out tomorrow (bar some additional disaster) to do two more assessments.

I think I’m ready for February to be over.  I know I’m ready for sick season to be over!

~ by Larisa on February 23, 2011.

3 Responses to “random rambling”

  1. Hope all are better soon & that this is the last of cold/flu season for you all! It’s been horrible since December for sure. Sending healthy thoughts your way!

  2. What a tough week it must have been! I hope that is the worst of it and things get better from here on out.

  3. Poor BabyHope! I hope she gets well very soon.
    And the same for you and your husband.

    I hope you enjoyed your birthday in some way or other.

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