a year ago

A year ago, I was pregnant for the last time.  Twelve hours later, in dramatic fashion, I wasn’t pregnant anymore.

I still can’t believe it happened to me, but I can picture all of it so clearly.  All the blood…oh the blood.  I never imagined a person could bleed so much without having been shot or stabbed.

I’m still profoundly sad about it – about the fact that it was our last real shot, we’d seen that elusive heartbeat, and how difficult the year to come was going to be.

I wish it had turned out differently. Pretty simple wish, but impossible that it will come true.

~ by Larisa on February 28, 2011.

3 Responses to “a year ago”

  1. Sending you comforting hugs.

  2. Thinking of you, L. My heart seriously aches for you…

  3. Is it a year ago already?
    The sadness is so hard to bear, thinking of you.

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