BAKED Sunday Mornings: Malted Crisp Tart

This week’s BAKED: Sunday Mornings recipe was Malted Crisp Tart.  It’s a fairly standard tart dough, with the addition of malted milk powder, a layer of milk chocolate ganache (again with some malted milk powder) with caramelized rice cereal and crushed Whoppers, finished with a layer of cornstarch-thickened, malted milk flavored, and whipped cream lightened pudding.

I made this yesterday and brought it to a friend’s house.  I didn’t manage any pictures, but there are still a few pieces left, so maybe a shot later.

I was a little skeptical about this dessert:  I’ve never been a fan of “malt” in my milkshakes or of Whoppers, so I wasn’t sure about in multiple components of this tart.  Once it started coming together, I got excited – the crunchy crispies, crunchy crushed Whoppers, chocolate ganache, and cream!  Yum!  But…I assembled the tart right before we left, and it refrigerated for about two hours while we ate dinner.  The crunchy bits weren’t crunchy anymore – kind of soggy.  So, while I liked the overall flavor of the dessert, it left something to be desired in the texture department.  More like chocolate ganache tart with some chewy stuff in it, vs the crunchy candy bar dessert I thought I’d end up with.

So I’m not sure I’d make it again.  It wasn’t hard, and I might mess around with the idea…someday.

~ by Larisa on March 27, 2011.

7 Responses to “BAKED Sunday Mornings: Malted Crisp Tart”

  1. So your crispies got soggy in the fridge, huh? Mine were soggy too, but I figured that was just because I never got them completely crunchy on the stove. It makes me feel a bit better to know that the fridge would have just softened them, anyway.

  2. So glad you enjoyed it – I love malt! Strange about the soggy krispies…. perhaps they weren’t caramelized all the way – who knows, but it’s a beautiful-looking tart! Well worth all those steps!

  3. My crispies got soggy too on the second day. This was my favorite part of the tart and I wish I had left them for the end to sprinkle over the top of the crust just before serving.

  4. I think that the crispies are probably less like to get soggy if you leave them in bigger chunks, so that not all of them come into direct contact with either the ganache or the diplomat cream.

  5. I am so sorry the crispies got soggy! Yes, that would definitely not be a great texture. That is exactly what I loved about my tart was the texture, but I just finished assembling mine a few hours ago, so maybe it needs to be eaten right away to get the crunchiness. I am glad that the overall flavor still shone through for you though!

  6. now I worry about my tart getting soggy! Crossing my fingers…

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