Advocacy Day!

I’m typing this on an airplane headed for Washington, DC.  You see, I’ve been without internet access at my house for the 48 hours leading up to this trip (timing!!), so this is the first time I’ve had both the time and the ability to post.

Yep, I’m attending RESOLVE’s advocacy day for the first time.  I’m sure to meet some amazing women, and hopefully have an amazing experience while I’m at it.  For more information, visit

Also, the link to the show will be taken down tomorrow after they air a new show, so if you want to hear my voice, you’d better jump on it!

And, it’s my 6 year blog-versary this week.  Yep.  Six years.

~ by Larisa on May 4, 2011.

4 Responses to “Advocacy Day!”

  1. Can’t wait for you to tell us all about it! And Happy Blogaversary!

  2. Happy blogversary! That’s awesome that you’re going- I know I have learned a ton about IF these past 6 years, including through your blog. Hope you have a great experience & let us know if there’s anything we can do to help with any pending legislation, etc.

  3. I am so impressed that you are going to Advocacy Day! I feel guilty a lot of the time that I have done zippo to advocate. On most days I feel like I have moved on to other options but yet I also feel like I represent a very important piece of the infertility continuum, the “multiple treatment cycles that never worked” piece. And how stressful that was, and how much less stressful it might have been if things were different–ie insurance coverage. But, YOU are THERE and I think that’s fantastic, because you also represent such an important part. You’ve always been such a strong voice for us, and for that, I really do thank you!

  4. Just wanted to say that I’m absolutely wearing my ‘proud friend’ badge today. 😉 Thank you for being brave enough to provide a voice for all of us.

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