casey and charlie

So BabyHope has been asking and talking about babies and growing up and what she was like as a baby.  And in my tummy.

She’s also been pretending that she has a baby sister.  Named Ticki.  Or Vicki.  Or Tara.  Or today, Casey and Charlie.

Why don’t I have a baby sister?”  she asked a couple of weeks ago.

Today, it was, “I want a baby sister AND a baby brother.  They will grow up and talk to me and play with me.  That’s what I want.”

I know she’s three.  I know she doesn’t really know what she’s asking for, but it makes my heart come up into my throat.  People must have these conversations all the time with their children, but somehow for me, it’s a conversation I wish I could avoid.

She’ll never have a sibling.  She doesn’t understand it.

You know what?  Neither do I.

~ by Larisa on August 11, 2011.

3 Responses to “casey and charlie”

  1. Those questions must be hard on you, even though it’s only natural for BabyHope to ask them. It’s difficult to know how to respond, how much do you explain. Will it only lead to follow-up questions?
    And anything you tell a three-year old gets repeated to all and sundry.

    Linnea rarely mentions a brother or a sister. We’ve explained to her that we need to ask the doctor to help us, and that it might or might not happen.
    So now and again, when I tell her I need to see the doctor, she asks if it’s to get a brother.

    More often, she says she wants to become a mommy, like me. I hope so, I always tell her, that would be wonderful. I do worry a bit about that.

    Once (that I know of) she announced to her friend (and her mom) that she was getting a baby brother and sister. A bit awkward that for DH, thankfully I wasn’t there.
    It’s just a matter of time before she explains to whomever that we’re asking the doctor for a sibling.

  2. One of the few blessings for us as we struggle through acceptance of being done is that O has not yet asked for a brother or a sister.




  3. *sigh*
    Im not looking forward to that conversation….
    Thinking of you…

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