It took a lot of work, but we got a baby.  Four IUIs, one lap/hyst, a fresh cycle, an ectopic, another fresh cycle, a frozen cycle, and fresh cycles 3 and 4.  We’re trying again the hard way with our frozen embryos.  So far this year: an HSG, a hysteroscopy, a transfer, a miscarriage, a D&C, another HSG with scar tissue and a blocked tube, a lap/hysteroscopy, another HSG.  A canceled cycle because of my lining, another hysteroscopy with some more scar tissue, another canceled cycle.  We decided to do a stimulated FET.  My lining cooperated, the embryos thawed beautifully, the transfer was a breeze.  But I still didn’t get pregnant.  No more embryos.  Mr. Hope is done.  I am not.

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