Nutella Scones

So I got two new baking cookbooks recently, and I had started baking my way through them when I “heard” about a bloggy baking group that was going to do the same thing: BAKED Sunday Mornings.  The recipes are all from BAKED: Explorations, which is actually the second book from these authors.

The first recipe was Nutella Scones.

To be honest, I’m not much of a scone eater.  Or baker.  These looked appealing in the cookbook as they were chocolate, therefore, they must be better than regular scones.

And, even more interesting: there were hazelnuts.  I’ve never toasted and skinned hazelnuts before, so that was fun.  Sort of.  Most of the skins came off easily, but I had about 15 hazelnuts with stubborn skins.

The recipe was easy enough to follow, but I found it to be too dry.  I still had powdery dough and had to add about another 1/4 of cream to get a dough that came together.

They smelled awesome while they baked – chocolatey and nutty.

I did eat mine with extra Nutella on top.  However, I don’t think this is a recipe I’ll repeat.  Scones just aren’t my thing.  I’m looking forward to the next recipe, though!

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